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Colwyn Johanson had spent some time setting up his area with various cages of all sizes that housed many species of owls. Seeing there were some children in attendance today, he was glad to have brought some of his smaller owls along with him from his shop.

A quick glance at the watch on his wrist told him it was just about time to start. "Are you ready, Copper?" He whisper to the fairly decent sized Pharaoh Eagle Owl that was standing on a large perch beside him. The owl in mention gave a soft hoot and blinked his orange eyes at his person. They were ready. Col grinned widely.

"Hello, hello! I'm Colwyn Johanson the shopkeeper at Eeylops Owl Emporium and this here is my buddy Copper." He laid a gentle hand on the owls head smoothing the feathers there. "Copper is a Pharaoh Eagle Owl, he's rather large at about two and a half feet tall. And when he stretches his wings all the way out.." There was a brief pause as he moved quickly out of the way as if on cue (and it was!) Cooper unfurled his wings and gave a quick flap. "His wing span is nearly as wide as I am tall!" Impressive isn't he!

Colwyn went on to talk some more about his delightful owl who was stealing the show just as he had hoped. This was all about the owls and other creatures anyhow. "Before Cooper returns to his cage for a rest and I bring out my next friend, would anyone like to come up and meet him? You're welcome to give him a gentle pet and I have some treats if anyone would like try to feed him." Obviously he would be standing right there to assist anyone and answer any questions.
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