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He noticed the blush, and he ignored it. There were only two people Evan could stomach being vulnerable around, and that was Noah and Chase. And even then, it was a hard thing to do so he could entirely empathize with how she was feeling. And the absolute last thing he wanted to do was to make her feel worse at all. But he wondered if even finding her had, given she was apologizing which entirely took him aback. "Don't say that. You don't owe me any type of apology. Sometimes you need to be alone and have even the smallest semblance of being a normal kid. I get it. You should be allowed to roam alone when you want." Even if Ash could make questionable decisions, how was she going to learn from her own mistakes if other people were trying to stop her from making them?

The fact his idea had worked and seemed to help her a little bit, did make a small smile stretch on his face and he offered her his arm again if she wanted it and needed it for comfort, even if she could at least see the ground for now. "I'm not a Ravenclaw for nothing." Though in reality, he was quite certain it was his thirst for knowledge rather than actual intellect that had put him in blue. "You're welcome. Do you want me to escort you out of here?" It might mean finding her body guard right away, but maybe not.

He didn't think anything of her wiping her face on his sleeve. Clothes were easily washable, besides tears on clothes never hurt anyone. "Innocence is usually a pretty good reason to give someone grace." And maybe having a baby around like that could help too? "It can still be hard to share your family and your space though, even with someone you like." So he wouldn't have judged her even if she didn't like the baby. "does she... is she a muggle and does she not know about magic or what you've been through?" If she knew, forcing Ash to deal with mirrors was unforgivable. Though really, he supposed even if she didn't know she still should have respected the girl's wishes. "What if you had an allergy to those too? Scents can give people terrible headaches." Which maybe she could say was happening and the woman would give it up? "It's good that she's nice. You shouldn't feel guilty about not being ready to accept her though. The truth of that matter is... you've had trauma. And trauma is hard to work through, and there's no timeline on it and additional changes can be really hard to accept when you're still fighting to find some peace and normalcy in your own life."

... He was glad his hood was up and that she could only see the floor, because he could feel his own eyes stinging and probably looked red. There was a moment when he wasn't sure if he'd said that for Ash, or for his own sake. Maybe it was for both of them.

Her next words were welcome distraction, and Evan actually found himself giving a small laugh. "You actually might be right. I'm sure it's insults would be really weak if it could come up with any."
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Text Cut: Ash & Evan

Now, these ones ... they looked like they could use the shopkeeper's help!

Upon walking out of the Catoptromancy room to see two teenagers crying - well, what she saw was a boy with reddish eyes and a hooded figure wiping their eyes on their sleeve - Tab had to admit that she was confused, but approached the pair gently with a kind smile.

"You kids okay? Need a calming draught?"

Ash held onto Evan’s arm again. Yes, she was able to see. No, she wasn’t going to pass out. No, she didn’t strictly NEED help anymore. But she WANTED it, and it made her feel better, and help was being offered, so... she’d be holding his arm for now. Thanks. “Yes please.” Again, she didn’t NEED to be escorted out. But it would make her feel better, and besides... Evan would need his sweater back, no? And she couldn’t give it back if she walked out without him. That was her excuse to not feel even more bad about interrupting his day. Because despite popular belief, Ash didn’t like to be sad.

“Megan Olivia is a muggle. I think nobody tells her stuff until it becomes a problem. So I guess she knows about mirrors now. I shouldn’t HAVE to tell her though. I should be able to just say that I can’t have mirrors and not have to explain it.” Or maybe Megan Olivia just hadn’t been in this situation, and Ash needed to give her some time. Maybe she was a horrible and irrational person. “She tries. She’s a good person, I guess.” But Ash still didn’t like her at all. Always trying to get on her good side, always trying to parent her, no matter how much she screamed and cried. It was thoroughly confusing. What kind of authority figures were NICE and CARING?

Oh... was she making Evan cry? Nooo. He was so kind and sweet and smart and caring... she hated to see him cry. “I didn’t mean... I- sorry.” She was ruining everyone’s day. Like that lady in that movie who represented Sadness. Nobody wanted to be around that lady. Because she was depressing.

“I bet the mirror would be like ‘you’re so NICE and CARING. I HATE you.” She laughed. Was that a good approximation?

Ash whirled around. No wrong direction... she turned again... and again until she could see the feet of the person talking to her. “I’m fine.” Ash was a pretty good liar, but some lies were just impossible to pull off. Like saying you were okay when you were very obviously crying into someone else’s sweater. She sniffled and wiped her face again without looking up. “But... do you really have any calming draughts?” Asking for a friend, of course.

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