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All right--it was time! Pippa Weatherbee strode to the area at the center of the three adjoining shop areas, ready to start her presentation. In one arm she cradled a sleek, silver little creature that looked something between a ferret and a weasel. In her other hand, she grasped her trusty chestnut wand (a bit long for such a small woman, but the wand chooses the wizard and what are you gonna do?) As she reached the wooden platform in the center, she deftly transfigured one of the nearby stools into a sort of podium and moved it toward her, then carefully placed the creature on it. There was a short pause as Pippa leaned toward the little being, speaking softly and shaking her finger at it from time to time, almost as if she were warning it about something.

Then Pippa straightened up, cleared her throat, pointed her wand at her throat and cast a quick Sonorus on herself, and began to speak. "Good morning, everybody! I'm Pippa Weatherbee, of the Magical Menagerie, and I'd like to thank you for coming down for the Diagon Alley celebration and to my presentation. This morning I'll be showing you four creatures, which are just a small sample of the ones available in my shop. These are some of the more magical varieties, however."

"Now this," she said, gesturing toward the silver creature on the podium, "is a Jarvey. They're found in Britain, Ireland, and North America. They live mostly underground and catch gnomes, but they'll also eat moles and rats and such. They look like ordinary, if rather large, ferrets, except for the fact that...they can talk!"

As she paused for effect, the jarvey began to speak:
"Pencil-wit, Hippogriff-hair-for-brains, scrawny skinny silly stupid sot!" Pippa watched the jarvey insult her calmly, then turned back to the audience. "Jarveys talk, but, as you can tell, they mostly talk nonsense, and rude nonsense at that.

"Silly-putty, nutty-buddy, willy-nilly, hilly-billy..." prattled the jarvey cheerfully. "They're amusing...for a while, at least, but you can't have a real conversation with one." Pippa added, looking indulgently at the jarvey. "Knock-kneed nelly, fungus-belly, giggle-gaggle, nickle-knackle, scrawny-ankled carrot-headed screechy little..."

Here Pippa suddenly looked worried and cast a quick silencing charm on the jarvey, who went on talking as if nothing had happened, even though no one could hear what it was saying any longer. Whew, that was a close one, Pippa thought to herself. The jarvey's rude comments had been on the verge of getting just a bit too rude for a family-friendly event. Maybe bringing jarveys to this event hadn't been such a good idea.

"Jarveys can make amusing, if occasionally annoying, pets , though they're probably best for adults, as they have no internal censor. Also, because of their power of speech, they can't be kept in areas where there are Muggles. Well, thank you very much, and if you'll just give me a sec to put Jabberwocky back, I'll bring out the next creature."

Pippa carried the still-silently-chattering jarvey back to her area and placed it in a small curtained-off area in one corner with another jarvey. Although she removed the silencing charm, she cast a quick Muffliato on their pen and made a mental note to return them to her shop right after her presentation.
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