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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Lisa walked over to the event with a backpack filled with goodies and snacks. She was excited, of course, to explore the Alley once more but the celebration had grabbed her attention so she just HAD to explore even more. The creatures section caught her eye and she felt her stomach drop a little. Merlin. Should have brought Pascal with her… And now she felt really guilty for not bringing him with her. But he’d understand. Owls and lizards did not mix the best.

She walked towards the crowd, glancing around as she took on the whole scene and then widened her eyes when she spotted a familiar face. Remy! A bright smile graced her lips. “Remy! Hey!” she greeted as she literally bounced over to see her friend. Big hug! “Are you here to see the creatures too?
She had spent at least 10 minutes just gawking at the creatures before turning her attention to the people around the booth. People watching was really fun, although she always displayed a resting and some would say judgemental expression whenever she did it. Wait… was that…?


Remy hadn’t seen Lisa since summer started, so the big hug greeting was completely necessary. “Lisa! Fancy seeing you here!” They hadn’t planned to meet each other today but they absolutely were going to hang out now. Breaking from the hug, Remy looked back to the cute creatures. “Of course, they are having feeding and grooming demonstrations today.” Was Lisa as enthusiastic about touching these cuties like she was?

Ahhhh, I’ve missed you!! What have you done so far this summer? I…” she started to go into details about her own summer but decided it would be rude to ask and then go straight into talking about herself. Working on being less self centred here. “I wanna hear all about it.” Remy grinned wide.

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