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SPOILER!!: Evan is so sweet to his friends
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It was in fact his arm, and he was glad she'd been able to grab it and comfortable doing so. "Why were you running away from your bodyguard?" Details were good before he led her back outside. If her bodyguard knew her well, Evan imagined he wouldn't even consider this place as a good spot to check for Ash given the nature of what it sold for profit. There really was probably no where she'd be safer. But also if he could get her out of her, the sooner the probably the better. "Realistically it's probably a good spot. No one would think to look for you here. The mirror maze would have been worse. I don't have your past and it still kind of got to me." Very claustrophobic feeling.

He looked around at her question, not noticing she had taken a peek as well before giving a small sigh when he did not find a spot that would be best for her to not see one. But he did have another idea. "None. But hold on." He shrugged out of her grip, just enough to pull off his light sweatshirt and lifted her hand to put it in hers. "You can put on my sweater though. It has a hood and we can pull it down enough over your head to show you just the floor. That'll give you at least some of your senses back." Having to be completely blinded when you already felt vulnerable couldn't have been good either.

Evan definitely would not have agreed with her. Sure, her feet had brought her into this store which wasn't the greatest for her peace of mind. But it wasn't an irrational fear she had. And it wasn't something that she'd had any control over it developing. So no, her problems were not her fault and that was something he would have vehemently argued if he'd known how deeply she was blaming herself.

The question was odd, but he figured she was going for distraction. So he'd play along. "My summer has been fine. Yours? How are the new people in your house?" and for even further distraction... "I'm thinking about buying one of those for Lisa for Christmas. Though from a sibling standpoint, the insult one might be funnier." Though a terrible gift so he would not be doing that.

Ash turned even redder. Was it hot in here? It felt hot in here. She hated being vulnerable, even in front of her closer friends like Evan. “I- well, uhhh... I just felt like running around unsupervised so I- it was a bad decision. Sorry.” It wasn’t right for her to cause her bodyguards and her friends so much worry and suffering, and it would never be right no matter how many times she did it. She felt so terrible. She knew Alex was a really good guy and would diligently check every shop without complaining, but she could just picture how stressed her would look when he found her in a mirror shop of all places. Stressed AND helpless. It was official. Ashley Fox was a terrible person, confirmed. Was anyone surprised? No.

This was all her fault. If she hadn’t run away from Alex for no reason... if she hadn’t stood up to Upstead even for good reasons... if she had just shut up and did what she was told to do... none of this would have happened. And then nobody would be sad. And then SHE wouldn’t be sad. And all these mirrors wouldn’t be laughing at her.

WAIT WAIT WAIT. Evan let go of her!!! No no no no no. She was being abandoned... oh wait nevermind. He was just handing her his sweater. Ok. She breathed a sigh of relief and put the sweater on. “Evan you’re a genius! They didn’t put mirrors on the floor...” How come she hadn’t thought of that? “Thank you.” As if a simple thank you could fix wasting his time and freaking out Alex. A girl could hope. She pulled up the hood and opened her eyes. The bad news was that she looked stupid, reckless, and vulnerable. The good news was that nobody could see her cry or look embarrassed because she was staring at the ground. That was something, right?

She wiped her eyes on Evan’s sweater. That was what sleeves were for!!! Sorry... “Um... I can’t hate Charlie because he’s a baby and he hasn’t done anything wrong. He’s kinda cute. Megan Olivia... she’s actually really nice and I hate that. I want her to be mean and awful but she’s really nice. She doesn’t understand me at all and she does lots of dumb things like installing mirrors in our house and burning scented candles at dinner. I can’t believe she burns scented candles at dinner. It reminds me of Healer Poppy, but it’s also disgusting and messes with the flavor of food. But she’s really nice.” And Ash felt guilty for hating her. More guilt. At this rate, Ash was going to feel as guilty as Kinsay James. Yikes.

“If you got a mirror to insult Lisa, I bet it would say nice things instead. Even mirrors can’t be mean to Lisa, ‘cause she’s too adorable.” Ash giggled. It was true. Lisa was sweet and amazing, end of story. She wasn’t perfect, but she was pretty close. And Ash would fight a mirror if it dared to insult Lisa. Or Evan. She would probably fight a mirror anyway, but that was besides the point. The point was that all of the Nams were amazing. Ash didn’t quite feel like she deserved them, but she wasn’t complaining.

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