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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ashley "Ash" C. Fox
Fourth Year

As Ash succumbed to her fear, she started to feel very calm. So so calm... and gleeful. Glee? Huh? That wasnít supposed to be there... oh. She felt not-calm now. While it had been twice as easy to make her panic, it was twice as hard to calm her down. She didnít want to be calm. Serena, her friend Serena, had just taken out Healer Poppy. YES. Serena was the best, Serena was the awesomest, Serena saved Lisa when she couldnít. Ash got up off the floor where several people were lying(were they ok?) and calmly(?) made her way to the stage where Healer Poppy was lying. She stopped next to Professor Kazmi and looked down sorta-calmly, feeling absolutely zero pity for the unconscious evil lady. If Serena got in trouble for this, that would make her really mad. Serena was a hero. End of story. Anyone who said otherwise was completely incorrect and she was happy to tell them so.
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