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SPOILER!!: Claudine!
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Claudine was liking Evan even more now. He understood her words more than just in the general sense; he understood creatures. "Plus they'll always be there when you need them. Even if they're just laying beside you snoozing away." Yes, this sixth year was speaking from experience. "Have you got any pets? I'm always looking forward to knowing everyone's pets."

Claudine eyed the drawing, and without a bit of judgement about the amateur artwork, beamed. You see, she remembered how terrible she had been when she started out teaching herself how to draw. "Ash is quite right. I just say, she's improved a great deal over the last year. There was a hint of pride in Claudine's voice. "Anyway, I can always give you tips I you ever want. So to answer your question, yes, I like to draw. Really, really."

The Snakette playfully prodded President under the chin. The kneazle purred happily. "Unfortunately not. I bonded with him during a CoMC lesson a few terms ago. Would you like to hold him? He's friendly."

She was entirely right, and that was why he most wanted his own animal. To have someone to keep him company, especially over the summers when things were still so weird at home. From his own doing, really, but weird none the less. He'd miss the creatures here from Hogwarts until they were back next term. "Well, we have some family pets. And Noah has his own cat, and Lisa has her chameleon Pascal but... not one that can come with me for school." But he was going to try again to get his own cat this summer. His Dad had said they'd consider it in the last letter, so... hopefully.

Evan greatly appreciated that there was no judgement as she looked at his word. He knew it was bad, but it was clear she just saw it as a beginner and a starting point. Which if he continued to draw, he supposed that was exactly what it was. He hadn't seen much of Ash's work before, but it was Claudine who said she'd improved so based on that fact alone Evan was inclined to agree. "Did you show Ash how to draw too?" Or maybe they'd drawn together at times. "That would be awesome if you wouldn't mind!" He was finding that drawing was something that wasn't actually that well taught from a book.

He never would have imagined that existed for any subject!

"He seems really attached to you." The kneazle looked the most happy he'd seen any of these kneazles before. And when she offered for him to hold it, Evan nodded, putting his book down and too the side and reaching out gently for the creature, giving him a small scratch on the head before he actually tried to take him.

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