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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
I’m sorry… Macca whata velley? Can you say that again? What does the name mean?” she asked curiously. There MUST have been a name for it. She tilted her head to the left as she listened to Violet speak more about the adventures of her magpie. “Trouble? What sorts of trouble? He sounds like fun!
"Mah Kee uh VELL ee" Violet pronounced more slowly. She'd forgotten she was dealing with a first year here. [b]"He wrote a book called The Prince, which is sort of a book of philosophy, or a guide to taking over the world, depending on how you look at it. History isn't quite clear on whether he was a Muggle or a Wizard, but his name sounded cool to me.[b]" Miss Howard, her governess, had made her read that book, in a time that now seemed long ago. Violet realized that she hadn't written her old governess in quite a while--she couldn't seem to get organized at all this year.

"And trouble? Well, for one thing, he's an awful thief. You see, magpies love shiny things, and they'll pick something up they like and take it off and hide it. I'm always afraid Mack will take something valuable or important that belongs to someone and make off with it, so I try to find where he's made his latest nest each year before school ends and clear it out, just to make sure."

Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Oh? Her pet? She smiled and nodded. “I do have a pet. His name is Pascal. He’s a chameleon. He’s also thoroughly mischievous. He likes to hang out with me but he did sneak into the laundry room a few months back. Alfie and I spent HOURS looking for him..” she began to explain, unintentionally flailing her arms as she described the situation. “But he was at the top shelf in the laundry room…. And we’re short so we couldn’t see him.
"A chameleon? That sounds really interesting," Violet said admiringly. "Can they really change colors to match the objects they're on?" Violet imagined that would make a chameleon pet hard to find if it got away. "And you think your pet might have wandered out here? Or did you bring him out to the Sanctuary yourself, for safekeeping?" This was probably a better place for it than the laundry room, someone might not see it if it looked like a piece of laundry and throw it into the wash by mistake.
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