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SPOILER!!: Claudine! <3
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Claudine would agree with Evan: she too wished that she could be an animal. There was a potion for that, she knew, that allowed the drinker to be an animal for a specific amount of time. Perhaps one day she would try it. As it was now, she still happened to be looking for President the kneazle. Where could he be?

That particular kneazle couldn't be located at the moment but Claudine was surprised to find one Evan Nam there. "Odd looking kneazle you are," the sixth year said seriously though it was her way of creating and keeping a light tone between her and Evan. "Hi. Unusual spot to be doing homework but I approve." Claudine move a little closer in Evan's direction, taking her time not to startle the kneazles even though they would be use to her presence after all these terms.

The idea of being an animagi was also in his list of things to research more on for that purpose. Though he supposed trying a potion out first would be a better idea before putting in all the work. Although realistically, Evan liked studying and academic work. That was easy, that made sense to him. He much preferred things that made sense over complicated feelings and things that just... Didn't.

He supposed that was a very human trait though.

The older snakette was welcome company. She was probably the elder student he looked up to the most, even outside of his own house mates. She was smart. She was clear and insightful in class. And she was nice to his sister. Not that anyone wasn't, but that was still a trait that was important to him in people. "I'm a little too tall to fit in with the others." He replied back, recognizing the joke. "I don't know, they're much quieter than some people. Most of them are good listeners too if I need to talk through a problem." Sometimes just saying something out loud made the answer easier. "But I'm actually attempting to draw them. Though I don't think it's going well. What brings you out here?"

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