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Nope, Schmoe wasn't the type of person to keep them waiting. Lia was sure of that and that was saying something since as of lately it was hard to be sure of much. When it came to adult authority here at Hogwarts, anyhow. It was hard to know who to trust and trusting no one was just sad. "Yeah but that's all up to him." No one can tell someone who to like or not like.

Dahlia smiled. "Are you winning?" Against himself? If he was enjoying jt, who cared! "That sounds fun! I'd be happy to play a game." This could be exactly what they needed for their talk! Jenga could help them prove how much fun playing games can be and how it brought people together.

"No, it isn't why we came to see you but I'm glad we did! We did want to speak with you about us playing a group wide game out on the grounds of hide and seek. We want to include anyone that would like to play.. no magic allowed so everyone has a fair chance." She glanced over at Lisa to see if she had anything else to add.
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