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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

As if by instinct, Claudine could sense that Lisa had questions concerning the plant. In any case, Ravenclaws quizzed almost everything, right? Not to mention there was Heath and the Ravenclawness about him which Claudine had grown accustomed to. Aloud she said, “I think you should ask Flamsteed all your questions before you leave today.’’

The girl stood back to watch Lisa do her thing. She couldn’t complain, the younger girl was definitely following the instructions. “You did! Well done!” Claudine beamed. “When you’re done, we should catch up with the professor.” Not that Claudine was in any hurry; she just wanted to make sure Lisa had gotten all the fangs out.
Claudine just got her, y’know?

There were times where you met a kindred spirit and they just understood. Lisa felt that way with few of the older students but the ones she shared it with- just got it. They knew her need to be curious. “I will,” she nodded in agreement. Lisa wouldnt forget it. Questions were important to better herself and her own knowledge.

The encouragement made her beam and continue her work more. Before she knew it, the plant was thoroughly defanged. “Thanks!” she nodded to the sixth year before looking around to see what the next thing to do was.
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