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Addison wrapped her arms around her son, hugging him to her just as tightly. One had smoothing his hair lightly as she pressed a kiss to the top of his head as she always did. "Hey, now.. easy there, Reagan. There's no need for that." She frowned slightly at the way her daughter just elbowed her brother out of the way but the hug was much appreciated and returned in the same manner as Jude's had been. Addi couldn't help the light laugh though when Reagan rushed off to find her younger sister. Keighley was at the top of the stairs about to come bounding down when she heard her siblings but stopped when she heard her sister saying she was coming up to see her, turning on her heel and returning to her room for girl chat!

"You're favorite." That's all she was going to say about that. Obviously Jude knew his own favorite meal. "Dinner will be in about an hour and a half. Do you want a snack?" She would happily make something small to hold him over until dinnertime. The mention of wanting to speak with her and Connor had her raising an eyebrow and glancing over at her husband at the same time he looked over at her. "Would you like to talk now before dinner?" While the girls were upstairs and they wouldn't be interrupted.
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