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Ferris Karten

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Kale Trent was reaaaaaady. He'd gone and gotten as dastardly as he could muster in the makeup chair, thanks Pax (and glitter, tbh), and made sure to do some scowling as a form of meditation. The sixth year had done all he could do to prepare and now it was showtime. CUZ THERE WAS NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS!!!!!!

So, as he rounded backstage, giving all his castmates cute opening night cards, he was brought into the hug huddle. Gosh. Tedward James was a perfect, beautiful boy and, UGH, Kale coulda kissed him for all of his sweetness. He was the father of the show and the Dad of their cast. Truly. Rallying all his anxious, unruly children. Not that Kale was anxious. NO SIR. HE WAS PUMPED. HE WAS READY FOR BATTLE. TESTOSTERONE. TIME TO GO TO WAAAAAAAAAAR! Hook, of course.

But he managed to bring down his bursting energy to look at his castmates and dimple. "Break a leg everybody," Kale added, "Remember to find your light. You're all so good looking and talented and the audience deserves to see it." Facts.

Everything was coming up roses and daffodils and sunshine and lollipops and...

Healer Poppy apparently? Groan.

Kale icily pinned the Healer with his eyes and sharply accused the Reba McEntire wannabe, "Dude, aren't you, like, not supposed to be here?" His Dad had kicked her to the curb for being super bad at her job. And the fact that she was just chillin' backstage like nothing had happened was very uncool. "Do I need to get my Dad?" Cuz he would.

Yes, he was a nepotism baby, but he used it for the good of the whole school. And his hips. Really, all that bread had been starting to hit him in the WORST places.
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