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Throw her out would they, well no not this time. NOT WITH THIS SCHOOL!!!

After her dismissal, Healer Poppy had put plans in motion to ensure that everyone at Hogwarts saw her worth. She would show them that her candles had been for everyone's benefit. Quietly as she could, the healer snuck back stage with a sack in hand filled with drafts to incite panic. Her plan was to unleash this, knowing members of the board where on the other side of the curtains, then WATCH as panic ensued.

When the students were sufficiently riled up, she would step in with her candles.

It was the perfect plan.

Less perfect? The little darlings already here and the old new healer to boot.

"Chiiiildren!" She cooed, positioning the sack just behind her and entirely out of site in this low lighting. It didn't matter she wasn't supposed to be there, she would pretend she belonged. "Get on stage now, hurry, all of you. We're going to begin." And she needed them clearing the area. "Hurry hurry now." She had work to do.

Though she would do so while they were present if it came to that.

Here for all your healer needs
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