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She was ecstatic. And nervous. And terrified. And she felt like she might be sick.

It was great.

Ivy had put everything into every rehearsal for this play, determined to play her role perfectly. She refused to let everyone down. Maybe she was putting a little too much on herself, but it helped keep her focused. And she needed to remain focused. Feelings and whatever else couldn't get in the way of the success of this play.

But it wasn't all stress all the time. She found that she loved the energy that everyone brought, both on and off stage. The crew, the was so fun seeing everyone working together. They'd all worked so hard too, and that made her all the more excited to see everything come together tonight.

And even the huge mixture of emotions she was feeling, it wasn't a bad thing. She was pumped.

She needed just a few last makeup touches, but she was fully in her Peter Pan costume, her hair pinned up - and she was quite pleased to know that she looked decent with short hair. Ivy had no desire to actually cut her hair since she preferred it the length it was, but it was still nice to know.

Looked like Teddy was initiating a gathering with everyone though, so the makeup would have to wait just a few minutes.

And it was every bit as sweet and thoughtful as a Teddy speech could be. Ivy joining in the cheering for the crew recognition. They definitely deserved it. Every contribution mattered. Costumes, makeup, effects, set design... The show wouldn't be the same without them.

And she wanted to believe the last part was true for her. She knew it was for her fellow actors. They were going to knock it out of the park tonight. But she also felt the need to add with a grin, "And also don't forget to have fun!"

It was what Peter Pan himself would want, obviously. Hehe.
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