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As if her own excitement was enough, Lisa's skipping and bouncing was seriously contagious. If anyone saw her right now they might think she was her old self again, the Lia before everything bad had happened. The Lia that her family and Tadhg still got to see from time to time. The true Dahlia that was returning more and more each day when nothing terrible threatened to take it all away again.

"Erm, I'm not sure. If he's inside I'm sure he wouldn't intentionally keep us waiting out here even if he is busy." That would be downright rude, especially for a professor AND their Head of House. "A date? With Professor Flamsteed? I don't know.. he could be?" It wasn't really any of her business but now that it was mentioned, consider her slightly curious. Everyone deserved happiness.

There wasn't much sound coming from the other side of the door to the office. However at least one of their questions was answered rather quickly by none other than Schmoe himself. "Let's go find out." Lia smiled brightly, reaching and opening the door to let them both inside the office.

"Hello, Professor Schmoe." Cue the beaming smile and warm sparkling blue eyes. "If you're not too bu-" Was he playing Jenga?! All by himself? She LOVED that game! "Are you having a game a Jenga, Sir or just building a super tall tower?" Sorry she was momentarily distracted now by the sight of the blocks.
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