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Backstage, Teddy felt alive. His parts as Mr. Darling and a pirate were both wildly different personalities from himself and the newness of all this gave him a great appreciation for his Stark school friends who had grown up performing. He got it now. This was fun, and any physical manifestations of nerves throughout the sixth year's body were, to him, interpreted as excitement. Nerves, adrenaline, enthusiasm - all one in the same, he reasoned, and his perspective on the jitteriness and electrical shock-like energy coursing through his veins was everything.

For this very reason, Teddy deemed it important to ensure the mindset shift of those who were perceiving these physical cues as nervousness, ill-preparedness, or fear. Teddy briefly raised both hands in the air and urged the cast and crew backstage to come closer, operating under the assumption that there was some sound-proofing charm in place separating the audience from backstage. "Everyone c'mere, circle up." He looked to his sisters and long-time friends to set an example and join so maybe the rest of them would, too. As long as most of them were gathering, that was fine by him.

"First and foremost, let's take a moment to appreciate our incredible crew. We all know you're the backbone of this show - you're the unsung heroes, you make all of us look good, and we'd be nothing without you." He applauded, making intentional eye contact with every crew member gathered. It wasn't until the (presumed) cheers died down that he spoke again.

"Performers - every single one of you has put in the time, the work, and the energy for this. You've practiced, memorized, embodied your characters--" some maybe more than others, and he grinned in Kale's direction at that thought, "-- and you're ready. We started this journey together, and now we get finish it together. You know your stuff. Trust that you're ready - you are." His eyes sparkled.

He was beaming, a bit puppy-like in his joy, and he looked around at his friends, his family, his people, fully expecting others to have things to add to this pre-show hype session.

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