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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Those tee shirts and jumpers looked mighty fine, Brody thought to himself. He had come to a pause to admire the colours and the Ministry’s logo fashioned so neatly on each. It wouldn’t hurt to get one of each, for himself, of course. The young man chose a brick red coloured shirt and a black jumper. Satisfied with his choices, Brody was about to move on to the pens but the sound of his name and the somewhat familiar voice had his attention being sidetracked.

So THAT’S why that voice was familiar! “Ethan! Hi. Long time no see.” Surely his old friend hadn’t been around at the Ministry for a long time and Brody had missed noticing his presence? “Yes, I do. Department of International Magical Cooperation.” An eyebrow arched. “Hadn’t known that you worked here too.” Or so he was assuming.
Welp. So this was definitely not the reunion that Ethan had expected. Of course it had been a couple years since they graduated and Ethan had been busy focusing on himself that he hadn't really bothered to keep touch with most people. But at least he hadn't changed so much in that he was still recognizable.

"For sure, mate. What's it been ... like two years?" He patted his shoulder. "Wow. So do you get to do much international travel? Or is that not part of the job?" He nodded, "Yeah, just started last month. Transportation. Broom research and development. How you been? What's new with you?"
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