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*sappysapper* MAJNOO, YO!

Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Well, that was to be expected. The plant was now biting her finger, but Ash wasn't mad. She had provoked it, soooo... she just sorta left her hand there and raised her other one. "How come we have to stun and defang it? Why can't we just, y'know..." she looked at her hand. It had a glove on it, and she didn't feel any pain. So what was the problem? Why be mean to a plant when this was clearly her fault? "If it's biting my hand it can't bite other plants." Problem solved.

This plant was kinda cute. AND COOL, BECAUSE IT HAD TEETH. Respect.
June gave Miss Fox a dry look. "Because it's the assignment, Miss Fox. Unless you want to fail the class, I suggest you try and do as told"

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Oh no.

Claudine hurried to pull back her hand the moment she spied those biters but it was too late. Well, sort of. The plant managed to snag a few of her fingers but thankfully they were protected by her gloves. But um… how would she get these teeth to release her? Claudine suddenly had the fear that the plant would have its fangs sink through her thick dragonhide gloves. Was that possible?

Um… what was it that Flamsteed had said on how to deal with these little vampires? Right. Stunning. With her free hand, Claudine aimed her dragon heartstring wand at the plant. “Stupefy!’’ Would the little guy be knocked out? Oh, and she had a question.

“Um… professor, what’s the best way to defang them? Like, a particular spell? Switching the fangs with something less dangerous?”
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Dahlia wasn't at all afraid. Rather than try to pull her hand away or flinch or anything else than some of her other peer may have done, she remained exactly how she was. Dragon hide glove covered hand right there as if waiting. A small grin even tugged at her lips as she saw those fangs appear suddenly and the plant made a BITE right at her finger!

"Oh!" she exclaimed with a actual giggle. Yup, the young Ravenclaw giggled as it chomped down on gloved finger. "Well that doesn't hurt." Good thing for the glove otherwise she was sure it would have been painful but right now it didn't hurt a bit. "You don't mean no harm, do you? You're only doing what you're meant to do, aren't you, Audrey?"

Since Audrey was pretty occupied with her finger, stunning him shouldn't be all that hard, right? Dahlia managed to reach for her wand and wrap her fingers firmly around it. "Professor? Rather than defanging him.. can I keep him?" He wouldn't be able to harm any other plants from in her dorm. "Couldn't we just move them all somewhere else.. away from other plants so we don't have to defang them?" That could also solve the issue, right? However she was sure that Flamsteed wasn't going to agree to that today since this was a lesson.

So yes, how did they go about the defanging process? She nodded her head along with Claudine's question.
"Good work, Miss Blaze" June commented as she passed the girl's station. "I am afraid - this needs to be done manually, Miss Blaze. Gently open it's leaves and pluck them out. They are baby teeth - so it won't be that hard to pluck"

As for Dahlia, June thought she knew better than this. "There nature is to grow around healthy plants, you can take this one away - but others will grow in it's place"

Originally Posted by Sunflower View Post
Okay ...

Veeeeery slowly, Max moved his gloved hand toward the baby Vampire. About an inch from the plant, he looked around him and noticed with shock that almost all of his classmates were already being EATEN by their plants. Uh??? This looked like the beginning of a catastrophe. But he had no choice but to follow the instructions and hope to survive. So he readjusted his grip on his wand, pointed it at the plant, and with the other hand that was an inch from the plant, gave it a sharp jab on the side.

Leaves bursting open, the plant opened wide and went for the boy's wand, and then bit onto his text book. NOM NOM NOM.

Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
Remy SNATCHED her wand back as the plant suddenly went for it, letting out a little, “Agh!!” Thankfully, the plant had missed, and phew, imagine if she had ruined her wand, her dad would be furious. “Hey!!” Wand dropped to the desk, Remy pulled at her textbook until she managed to break it free from its jaws. Suppose she should be grateful that the thing hadn’t gotten near her fingers yet.

Frowning a little at her failed attempt to poke the plant without getting something nipped, Remy quietened to listen to the next instruction, although didn’t feel too prepared to just stun the baby vampire plant. Did she even know how to stun something????! Did she want to stun the poor thing?

The Gryffindor picked up her wand again and resumed her position of pointing it at the plant. Stu… st… stupefyyyy…” SHOCK - it didn’t work. She put her wand down instantly, all embarrassed.
When June walked over to Remy's station, she stood there quietly for a bit. It was always best if students attempted things on their own first. Always. How else would they learn?

But when the young girl continued to struggle, June spoke up, giving the girl's shoulder a gentle squeeze "a firmer hand, Miss Gaeltheos. But first - take a moment to just breathe, and then try again"

Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Okay...but...Auntie June. That was only answering ONE of his questions. Which explained why he pouted a bit as she quickly moved on. This could, arguably, be considered a serious dental procedure and he did not feel like he was all that qualified to perform it.

Thankfully for the Herbology professor, his plant's reaction to the quill was more than enough to pull the second year's attention away from his puffy cheeked disappointment and right smack back into amusement. "Woooow...wicked!" he exclaimed as his quill was massacred. His fingers, and hand, were retracted just before they could suffer the same fate...and then he was looking around for something else to tempt the plant with. He would have just taken Aries' quill...but he already knew the conclusion to that and therefore it was a rather boring experiment. What about....ooooh! That spade might produce something interesting.

Spade in hand (Stunning Spell, what?), Atlas leaned forward again and tried to poke the stem with the tip of it. Tearing through feathers was one thing, but metal? Totally different and he was curious how the vampiric plant would fare.

Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Heath smiled a little as the plant wiggled and showed its teeth. Aww, look at those little teefs!* It seemed almost a shame to remove them. “Yes, what lovely teeth you have!” he whispered. He was unfazed as the plant nipped one of the fingers on his left hand. It didn't hurt or break through his glove. He giggled softly. The nip reminded him a bit of Rey (his cat, not the Star Wars character), though she usually preferred biting noses and ears to fingers.

Then he realized this plant reminded him of another Star Wars-related creature, someone else small and adorable who was known to bite fingers on occasion. He overheard Professor Flamsteed tell Dahlia that she could name the plant. Could he name it too? He had the perfect name! As far as he was concerned, the plant would henceforth be known as Grogu.

He saw the baby plant - Grogu open wide, but he reacted too late and felt the bite on his hand. Okay, that one did pinch a bit! Those teeth didn't break through his groove, did they? "Hey! I'm not a snack," he scolded gently. Well, at least maybe biting his hand would keep Grogu calm while he stunned and defanged him… he hoped! Not that he particularly wanted to do either, but he wasn't one to go against a professor's directions. Speaking of which, how did he remove the fangs? The only thing he could think of was to try to vanish them, which would be hard to do if he was being bitten. He overheard Claudine ask about defanging and looked to Professor Flamsteed, awaiting the answer. While he waited for instructions on the defanging process, he supposed he could still go ahead and stun Grogu.

"Such a cute little plant," he said. "Yes, you are!" As he kept whispering calming words, he gripped his wand in his free hand, trying to conceal it in his sleeve so as not to scare little Grogu. He decided to try the spell nonverbally, lest the incantation somehow tip off or startle the plant. Stupefy, he thought, aiming his wand. As he cast, he envisioned Grogu going unconscious with every ounce of concentration he had. Did it work?

Why Atlas, why?

Fortunately though, before she could try and make Atlas understand why that was a bad idea - she noticed Heath Jones - and what a good job he was doing. As always.

"Atlas, before you kill another one of my plants, why don't you work with Mr Jones" she quickly said, "I think he can help you. Won't you, Mr Jones?" she said, looking at the older boy. Favourite student with favourite nephew. What could go wrong? It was genius.

Originally Posted by Watson View Post
She tilted her head to the left as she listened to Professor Flamsteed answer her question. Bite other plants? she repeated, thinking that she didn’t have to worry too much about her finger. As she thought about that more, she moved towards poking it again but then stopped herself and retracted her gloved hand when it lunged for it.

Nope! Not today, baby Vampire!!

She even jumped out of her chair to give her enough space (granted, the plant couldn’t move so she perhaps looked a little silly doing this). Lisa folded her arms across her chest, studying said plant further before leaning in again to poke it. Maybe….. She scanned the room to see what the other students were doing. Some were casting the Stunning spell, Heath looked like he was letting the plant nibble on him, and Atlas was about to attack said plant with a spade? There were a variety of ideas that popped into her head buuuut she wasn’t entirely sure which was the best option.

Tip toeing back to her station, Lisa slowly moved her hand towards the plant and began patting it gently. “You are getting very, very sleepy,” she said in a monotone voice, hopping to lull the plant into boredom. Maybe she could make it fall asleep? She kept on doing this until she grabbed her wand and gently said, “Stupefy!

Originally Posted by Deezerz View Post
Serena's nose wrinkled a little bit. She wasn't scared. There was only thing she was afraid of, and she wasn't going to think about it right now.

She understood what Professor Flamsteed said, though. About the plant's nervous system and how behavior was a part of that. Her uncle Kennedy had explained that when she had snuck into the family green house and almost became plant food.

Pointer finger straight and steady, Serena poked the vampire plant. There. POKE.

As expected, the plant gave a jolt and snapped at her. Serena smirked at it. "You lack the element of surprise," she said to it. Then without warning, she swiftly cast, "Stupefy!"

Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Violet had finally gotten her plant to wake up, and it reacted much like she did when she didn't want to wake up in the morning--in other words, in a poisonous mood. She hastily pulled back her hands to avoid the snapping frenzy the plant had gone into, then, collecting herself, pointed her wand at the thing and cried, "Stupefy!"

Violet stepped back and surveyed the result--yes, the spell worked on plants as well as it did on people! Now, to de-fang it--wait, were they supposed to use magic for that, or...a pair of pliers or something?
The distress of Atlas ruining her plants completely wore off when she saw Miss Nam, Miss Santos and Miss Blackthorn successfully stunning their plants. "Excellent work, girls. Now quickly start defanging the plant -- before we move on"

Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Apollo hadn't really been sure how he felt about herbology yet. Although Professor Flamsteed seemed cool, so that part was okay, but the subject itself? He was indifferent over. Just like he was indifferent about the first question talking about difficult plants? Was it weird if he kind of wanted the dangerous plants? It definitely made working with plants more interesting then say .... watering flowers.

So they were ... poking the pot? Weird? Wouldn't that be dangerous for the plant inside? What if they poked too hard and the pot shattered and dirt was everywhere? This was definitely confusing and the second year glanced around to see what his classmates were doing first.

Stunning the plant. Uh. Definitely weird. And confusing. He tilted his head as he surveyed his own plant before him, gently prodding it with his wand. Cause if it bit, he wasn't sure he wanted it to bite his finger. "Stupefy." He cast. So now time to de-fang? How did one do that exactly? Was there a spell?
Giving everyone a look over, June moved back to her own station. Once again tapping her pot to get everyone's attention, June pulled out her own wand. "Alright, good work so far, everyone. I know stunning is not an easy spell, those of you who managed it - well done, and those of you still trying - don't worry, you'll get there" Nobody needed to feel bad about anything - it was all trial and error, unless you had a spade ready to kill a plant.

Looking at you, Atlas Flamsteed.

"Almost all of you have reached the defanging process, which is simple really - especially since this is a baby plant. The mature ones won't be as easy" she warned as she poked and then stunned her own plant in front of her. Pulling apart the leaves gently, she then slowly pulled out a fang and then another. "See, easy as picking flowers - but no - never do that, let the flowers be"

Okay, moving on.

"Once you have defanged your plants, please follow me to the vegetation patch at the back - we will repot these baby plants there, and try to defang as many rouge plants as possible over there!"

Picking up her own defanged plant, June then made her way over to the patch - TRYING not to frown at the mess all the vampiric vegetation had made over there. Following the simple process of planting the plant in the ground, June then looked back at the students. "Only way to reveal the rascals is by poking - so ....poke away" she added, whilst poking a few in the process - here and there, and then suddenly one opened up - revealing much sharper teeth than the baby plants they had been working on, but before it would do anything more - June stunned the little thing.

"Poke. Stun. Defang. Simple enough, yeah? Lets get a move on then"

OOC: Thank you so much for being with me so far guys. This is the main activity. June will be around for any questions and help needed! Enjoy!!

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