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Apollo hadn't really been sure how he felt about herbology yet. Although Professor Flamsteed seemed cool, so that part was okay, but the subject itself? He was indifferent over. Just like he was indifferent about the first question talking about difficult plants? Was it weird if he kind of wanted the dangerous plants? It definitely made working with plants more interesting then say .... watering flowers.

So they were ... poking the pot? Weird? Wouldn't that be dangerous for the plant inside? What if they poked too hard and the pot shattered and dirt was everywhere? This was definitely confusing and the second year glanced around to see what his classmates were doing first.

Stunning the plant. Uh. Definitely weird. And confusing. He tilted his head as he surveyed his own plant before him, gently prodding it with his wand. Cause if it bit, he wasn't sure he wanted it to bite his finger. "Stupefy." He cast. So now time to de-fang? How did one do that exactly? Was there a spell?
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