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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Dahlia was excited. This idea had been in her head for months since she had spoken about it with Lisa up on the battlements. The weather hadn't been the greatest though during the time but now, it was nearing the end of April! It was now or never! And if a game of football could be played out on the grounds, well she didn't see why their idea wouldn't be given the okay too.

So mid-way between breakfast and lunch on a Saturday morning, the second year stood outside of Professor Schmoe's office. Raising one of her hands she gave three knocks on the door in front her, dropping her hand to her side again. "Now, we wait." Lia beamed brightly at Lisa whom she had brought with her since it was both of their idea.
Lisa had skipped down the stairs and into the room outside of Schmoe’s office. As she came to halt with skipping, she quickly transitioned to hop-bouncing from foot to foot (very excitedly) because she was bursting with mirth and excitement. She was so so so so happy that they were FINALLY talking to Schmoe about their BEST idea yet.

A massive game! One that all the students would have a blast at!!! She couldn’t wait

How long do you’ll think it take? Do you think he’s on a date? Do you think Professor Flamsteed is in there? Are they a thing?” she asked as she continued to bounce. Despite bouncing and all that, she was just as curious as ever!
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