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Remy SNATCHED her wand back as the plant suddenly went for it, letting out a little, “Agh!!” Thankfully, the plant had missed, and phew, imagine if she had ruined her wand, her dad would be furious. “Hey!!” Wand dropped to the desk, Remy pulled at her textbook until she managed to break it free from its jaws. Suppose she should be grateful that the thing hadn’t gotten near her fingers yet.

Frowning a little at her failed attempt to poke the plant without getting something nipped, Remy quietened to listen to the next instruction, although didn’t feel too prepared to just stun the baby vampire plant. Did she even know how to stun something????! Did she want to stun the poor thing?

The Gryffindor picked up her wand again and resumed her position of pointing it at the plant. Stu… st… stupefyyyy…” SHOCK - it didn’t work. She put her wand down instantly, all embarrassed.

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