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Originally Posted by aRogueOne View Post
Somehow, Ingrid just couldn’t comprehend the importance of the slugs.

It was confusing.

They were slugs.

She did however want to be there for her friend. That was something she could [I]try[I] to do. Most likely in very poor fashion.

“I mean I guess they could have had families? Although, I’m not sure they had a family,” because she didn’t exactly know a lot about slugs. They were slugs. They had slime trails and slimy bodies and didn’t like salt. Was there much more to them than that? “Okay. Lewis. Okay. Cool.” She had so many questions that she wasn’t exactly sure where to start.

Why they couldn’t find more slugs for Lewis if they were important was slightly confusing to her but she let that fact go. “Why don’t we collect the slugs and bury them out in the grounds? Near the pumpkin patches maybe? because alive slugs might have liked the pumpkins to ruin and eat.
The slugs were important. They were so important. But now they're just dead.

All thanks to Kinsay Cassandra James of Gryffindor House, the First of Her Name, Queen of Disaster, Lady of Great Incessantry and Protector of No One, Bringer of Chaos, and Murderer of Slugs.

"But maybe they did!" She protested loudly. If they had sister slugs or brother slugs or baby slugs, their slug families were now orphaned. And though Kiz didn't know a lot about slugs either, she was so sure that they were capable of being sad. So very sure. Ingrid wasn't understanding. She wasn't. She wasn't at all.

Kins sniffled a little bit as she tried to reach a calm. "Pumpkin patch is good. I hope they're not allergic." Not that it would really matter now, but she wanted to be considerate of all things. Lowering herself back onto her knees, Kinsay began reaching for all the slugs ... and slug bits, lifting the end of her shirt a little bit to make a makeshift carrier and doing her best to avoid the broken glass. "You don't have to come if you don't want to," she looked back up at Ingrid and offered her an apologetic look. Ingrid probably had better things to do than bury slugs by a pumpkin patch. Though she couldn't really imagine that this was what anyone would want to do with their spare time and didn't need to ruin Ingrid's day too. Kiz had, clearly, already ruined enough.
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