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SPOILER!!: Violet
Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Violet dithered for a minute, eyeing the beanbag chair nearby. She didn't really feel like that chair was where she should be sitting for this--she didn't want to get too comfortable-- but she also didn't want to be standing and hovering over Professor Schmoe. Finally, with as much grace as she manage, she lowered herself into the chair and attempted to sit up in something approximating a businesslike manner on the soft and yielding surface.

"Well, it's this, Professor," she began, abandoning Slytherin evasiveness and cutting to the chase. "What's going on with this bread thing? I mean, it's everywhere, they're {meaning she, i.e. Healer Poppy} practically forcing it on us, and...there's something weird about it, Professor," she went on, a little urgently now. "I mean, have you ever observed people who have eaten it? Whatever they were doing or saying or thinking, the minute they have a bite it's like they forget all about it and go into some kind of strange...happy place. It's almost like they're drugged or something."

Violet sat back, trying to think of what to sy and how to say it so Professor Schmoe wouldn't discount her. "I may be nothing, you may think I'm over-reacting, but it's...strange. And the last few years when things started going on that were strange, everybody ignored what the students tried to tell them, and...and look at what happened!"

Violet felt like she was going out on a limb here, in a very un-Slytherin-like manner, but she'd vowed to herself last summer that she would never just sit around again when strange things happened and hope that it would just turn out all right if she kept her head down.

Finneas had thought to offer an alternative to bean bag chairs, though there weren't any alternatives in his office at the moment. It was certainly something he considered each and every year. Bean bags weren't everyone's cup of tea. But. Er. His office was unusually crowded, so perhaps it was for the best that he didn't have too many chairs. Had he noticed her hesitance, he may have offered her one of the more secure cardboard boxes. But, er. As it was, he had no idea that there was any hesitance present.

He settled into his seat as Violet began explaining her quandary - the urgency in which she spoke was rather alarming and even Schmoe could tell that this was something she had been sitting with for quite a while. He had his doubts too, but ... the feelings of intense calm were so fleeting that Schmoe had always assumed it was a ... personal thing. "Ms. Blackthorne, I would be lying if I said I haven't considered such possibilities myself." There was more to Healer Poppy that met the eye. Finneas was getting that feeling too.

He also remembered something a few students had mentioned during the lesson. Something about the kitchens being closed for, er, who knows what. Ultimately, Finneas looked back at Ms. Blackthorne with a firm nod and made way to stand up on his wobbly feet. "Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention." Many of the students didn't trust their professors any more, Finneas was quite aware. "I, er, I believe you raise some valid concerns and... er. Perhaps a trip to the kitchen is due? To, er, investigate this bread making business?" There was really only one way to get to the bottom of this. "If we head there now, we er, we can get ahead of the dinner rush." It was an approximate guess. Finneas didn't exactly know the cooking schedule.

OOC: If you/violet want to move to the kitchen, feel free to de-clone here and post there without waiting for another post from me! Otherwise, we can continue here if Violet would rather not head that way.

SPOILER!!: Mamie
Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
Mamie stepped in, through the door of course, and took her time looking around Schmoe's office. She'd never been in here, was it crowded. Why were there so many boxes? The Muggle junk gadgets didn't surprise her, he was the Muggle Studies professor after all, but...just, wow, lots of stuff.

She gently pulled her rucksack off her back and set it on the floor, still looking at...were those boy bands on the walls? Professor Schmoe certainly had interesting taste. Should she sit down? She wasn't sure, so she stayed standing, rucksack at her feet. She wasn't going to comment on the...really, why were there boxes? "Professor, why do you have so many boxes?" she asked curiously. So much for not commenting.

Boxes? What boxes? Ha, only kidding. He did know they were there. But after months of working around them, they were easy to ignore. Or. Er. Something like that. "Ah, yes, er." How did one begin to explain the predicament he had found himself in at the start of the term without entirely giving away the predicament he had found himself in at the start of the term, that is the question. His personal life was meant to be personal, you know? "I'm in a bit of a transient state." In more ways than just the one. But. Er. He hadn't really made his decision yet... Not technically.

"They, er, won't be too distracting, I hope?" Because if they were, Schmoe was happy to move this conversation to the technology(ish) lounge. That place was EMPTY nowadays!
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