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Forget dragonhide gloves...Atlas could probably do with a dragonhide body suit. Difficult to handle plants? Probably should have included a helmet. Even Auntie June's supposedly friendly and docile creepers that were growing all over the apartment seemed to like taking their leafy frustrations on him. Give him a good whack from time to time. Of course he would whack back because it was rude to hit your house guests.

Anyway. Dragonhide gloves were being slipped on and he was TRYING to do his best to pay attention everything that his Herbology professor was saying. For his own sake, mostly.

But also...Vampiric Vegetation? That wasn't...alarming.

" just say defang?" the second year blurted out after tugging his gloves on snuggly. "Why are we doing that?" Not so much about the poking. Atlas was aaaaaaaaall for the poking and since he already had the quill in his hand and had been wafting the air around the plant itself...he was glad to finally be able to engage with the plant without any repercussions. He wasn't supposed to tickle sleeping dragons, apparently, but he could a sleeping vampiric plant. Cool. "Are they teething? Do they need help growing teeth? are we pulling out their baby teeth? Is it like removing wisdom teeth? Are the teeth useful after we take them out? Other than being some calcium for the compost?"

Just to tack some more questions on top of the ones Lisa already asked.

Lots of questions and little attention on the plant itself as he traced the air much closer to the Vampiric Vegetation with his quill and tickled it along the stem.

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