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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Ash actually didn't have very much to do. Well, she could sleep or stare poetically at the view on the balcony. She had nothing URGENT to do. Nothing NECESSARY to do. All the same, she didn't want to take up too much of Schmoe's time. Maybe he wanted to sleep or stare poetically at the view. Or maybe he hated her and didn't want to show it!!! No, Schmoe would never... anyway. She stood up. "I think I'll go. But I'll come back if I feel like it." Just in case he thought he had gotten rid of her... he hadn't.
Schmoe offered the young Ravenclaw a bob of the head. "Very well," he sighed, taking a long sip from his tea (because he had almost forgotten about it) (and yes, it did go cold). "Enjoy the rest of your evening, Ms. Fox. You're welcome to c-come by whenever you'd like." It was an open invitation... assuming Finneas was in his office, of course.
Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Finally! Violet sighed with relief as felt the magical unlocking of the door beneath her fingers, and she pushed the door open and went into Schmoe's office.

"Thanks for seeing me, Professor. This won't take long...I hope," she began, feeling nervous now that she was inside. But she was determined to try to do something about the strange turn the school year was taking. She'd waited on the sidelines, hoping things would turn out well, for two years now and that had ended in disaster. No way was she going to just let things progress at their own pace again.
As Ms. Blackthorne made her way inside, Finneas cast a simple charm over the stack of essays in order to keep them hidden. He trusted his students, of course, but it was more so a matter of principle - protecting their privacy and whatnot. But so far, the essay looked like it might receive an O, his favorite mark to hand out!

"Er, of course. I always have time, Ms. Blackthorne." He didn't want her to feel rushed by any means. "Please, er, take a seat, if you wish." He knew some people preferred to stand, but the beanbags were quite comfortable. "What, er, what seems to be on your mind?" Schmoe wasn't the best at picking up on cues, but he could sense some nerves.
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