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~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Friendly Neighbourhood Hufflepuff ~

It had been such a long week, hadn't it? Claudine mused to herself as she settled in with some paper, wooden crayons and glitter. Today’s artistic aim? That was the great question. She had no idea. All Claudine knew was that she needed some form of relaxation and her mind was set on sketching something then decorating it with colour and glitter.

She tapped a pencil on the desk a few times, thinking. Flamsteed’s roses… yes. Claudine was a big fan of them. And so, the sixth year began her work. At intervals, she’d yawn. Hmm… it must be the happenings from the week finally catching up to her. Her eyelids began to feel heavy until she gave up and literally rested her forehead on the table. It was only natural that she would drift off.

Sometime later, Claudine awoke from one of those naps where she had no idea what day or time it was. She sat there groggily, trying to focus and having no recollection of any dream at all. The latter would be written in her dream journal, of course.
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