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Serena was mostly distracted by the color changing roses when the lesson began. Her grandmum has a huuuuge garden and in a spot she had color changes roses, too. Serena was allowed to touch them, but they were always fun to guess.

Switching her attention to the pot, the redhead tilted her head to the side. Please, let it be something fun. All of her textbook studies had become a little boring lately. She's improved a lot and Serena was ready for more challenges.

She enjoyed herbology discussions, though. A lot of it tied into potions, and the more information she absorbed, the more she learned. For this question, Serena had a lot of answers, but settled for one. She raised her hand. "Poisonous plants are some of them. Take aconite. It's leaves are extremely toxic, so typically it should be handled by gloved hands or levitation charms."

The first time Serena had stumbled upon aconite flowers was in the woods near her home, on a walk with her dad. They had been searching for potion ingredients when she saw pretty sprigs of purple. She knew by then not to touch plants without gloves (dad 101 rules for collecting potion ingredients), so she simply admired. Then her dad explained what they were and their use for the wolfsbane potion. They had gathered a bunch that day.
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