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Decked out in his sportswear, Jude couldn’t help but grimace slightly as he walked into the exercise room. It had been an age since he’d last set foot in one and boy did it show. Well, it didn’t but it did. Mentally. He simply knew he couldn’t not work out with the number of sweet treats he’d been having as of late but the fact was working long hours and then coming home tired was simply counterintuitive. They did not go together and he himself was by no means motivated enough to push through the tiredness. The sofa called and he answered.

Today though, he’d brought his gear into work with him and having finished the day early, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go once and never come back, just like everyone else. Bag on his back, Jude headed over to the water cooler to fill up his water bottle and then set his bag down on one of the workout mats. He was ready to exercise. He was ready. He was there. He was…yawning.

Stifling a yawn and sighing a little too loudly, the pulled the bobble from around his wrist and put his hair up in a neat bun before he eventually stepped forward into a deep lunge. He may not know much about exercising but he knew the importance of stretching first.
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