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Originally Posted by Waddles View Post

Gabriel shrugged. How to describe having siblings? "It's like...built-in friends, I guess," he said after a brief pause. "We're all--there's four of us--very different, but we're pretty...tolerant...of each other. Like, my oldest brother, he..." he paused to make eye contact with Brody, because this was important stuff, "He's a squib, so he's had to teach all the rest of us all the Muggle technology stuff." Which, in some cases, was pretty handy. E-mail was much faster than owling. Airplanes were faster than brooms. That sort of thing. "And then Isabella, she's a genius, but she's not obnoxious about it, and she gives good relationship advice." Which was weird. He didn't think Belly had ever actually been in a relationship. She just liked to talk about his.

And then his twin. How could he describe Rafa to Brody? "Rafa and I are really different, too, but we're usually in sync about the important things," he said with a nod. "It's weird living on a different continent than him."

He tilted his head when Brody continued talking about his own family. Even if his uncle was old, it was interesting to hear about a smaller family. It seemed...mostly the same, honestly. "I'd love to meet your family someday," he agreed with a small smile. "You make sense, don't worry."

All the while Gabriel spoke, Brody sat there listening keenly and trying his best not to stare at the young man opposite to him. Sadly, it did not work and the younger fellow found himself constantly wanting to {and actually sneaking a few glances} and Gabriel’s mouth. He really hoped Gabriel was oblivious to this. However, there was a point when the YATI actually sought Brody’s gaze and you bet ya that Brody held that gaze. He nodded at intervals to show that he was listening, and really, he was.

The DIMC Coordinator was surprised that Gabriel chose to share that he had a Squib brother with him. He knew that some still tried to hide this if there happened to be a Squib in the family. But Brody found that he wasn’t judging and simply nodded before commenting on the Muggle technology stuff. “The way Muggles survive without magic is impressive, actually. I’d say your brother is not really missing out on anything by not being able to do magic.” Did Gabriel know that he himself was Muggle born? He chuckled dryly. “Isabella sounds like someone handy to have around during a relationship crisis.” Maybe Isabella could have given him some tips on how to make Gabriel interested in him… Brody sighed inwardly, reminding himself that he wasn’t going to waste his time chasing Gabriel since it was obvious the other guy wasn’t interested. “You must miss Rafa when he’s away.”

However, Brody couldn’t help but brighten a bit when Gabriel mentioned that he’d like to meet his little family. “That can easily be arranged,’’ he remarked, forgetting temporarily his plan to avoid Gabriel after today. “Aunt Tallie and Uncle Lucas enjoy meeting my friends… even though I haven’t got many.”
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