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The first thing Heath noticed upon walking into Greenhouse Three was the color-changing roses, and he smiled to himself. He liked those flowers! They reminded him of a plant his brother used to have. Was that what they were doing today? He hoped so; that sounded like a really fun lesson! “Good afternoon, Professor Flamsteed,” he greeted, acknowledging the woman with a polite nod. “I like your roses.”

Dark eyes scanning the area, he spotted Claudine and beelined for a workstation near her. “Hi,” he said with a small smile. Oh, and hi to the two Gryffindors (Morgan & Phoebe) seated sort of nearish too! “Hey,” he added, nodding to each person in turn. As he arranged his supplies in front of him, he noticed the plant in the middle of the room. He eyed it with curiosity but made no move to touch it. He wasn’t stupid enough to touch something despite explicit instructions not to do so. That sign must be there for a reason!
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