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Default Sitting by Ash
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Remy had skipped most of the way to the greenhouses, in good spirits this afternoon, especially after doing a little bit of studying earlier on in the morning. She was ready! Remy was excited to see the colour changing roses that Professor Flamsteed was tending to, although it brought back memories of when Scarlett Mordaunt showed her up in front of Lisa. Hopefully they weren’t learning the flip’n’swip - whatever charm today.

Upon entering greenhouse three, Remy spotted a few familiar faces which put a smile on her face. She smiled at Lisa, V, Atlas, and her newest friend, Ash. She paused and thought about who to sit beside, but decided that since Ash was sitting alone, she’d pick her. Remy smiled and said, “hey,” before shooting some longing looks at her other friends. Why did Ash choose to sit alone?

Good afternoon, Professor Flamsteed.” The Gryffindor greeted politely, setting her stuff in front of her.
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