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Greenhouse Threeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Which one was that again? With the number of times he had been down here for class or otherwise, one would think that Atlas would have remembered what plants were in which but...alas.

"Afternoon!" He beamed at Auntie June as he entered only for his face fell towards one of despair as he saw the instructions NOT to touch the plant. Professors needed to stop putting big shiny red buttons in front of their students, did they know? At least he wasn't wearing a dinosaur outfit this time, although he was accompanied by his fellow t-rex to class.

Lamenting as he found a seat, the station just adjacent to the not-a-cry baby Slytherin and Lisa who both received small smiles, Atlas folded his arms on the table and set his chin on the back of his hands to just STARE at the plant. The staring did not last for too long though as he got his quill out and wiggled the feather end towards the plant. NOT touching it but rather wafting some air towards it..and maybe seeing if he could get it's attention? What did the plant DO?

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