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Damian Pendragon
Default Conley, and whoever doesn't mind the sound of his munching.


Returning from doing some important, super secret, unspeakable work in the city, Damian quickly became distracted as his coworkers attempted to remove the tapestries. "Stuck pretty good, huh?"

Standing along the wall next to Conley, he dug into his bag of potato crisps, crunching loudly on a few. "Crisp?" Damian spoke after barely finishing chewing, tilting the bag in the other man's direction. "They call them chips in America. Isn't that weird?"

After staring at the face of Grindelwald long enough, an idea struck. "What about something like a Boggart-Banishing Spell? If you can't get them down, we could at least give the bloke some googly eyes, and bunny ears. Hard to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies when he looks right silly."

A riddikulus idea, but it could work. Maybe.
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