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SPOILER!!: Brody <3<3
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Brody would not know what looking for an apartment felt like, or the hassle involved. All his life, he’d lived with his aunt and uncle. He was very comfortable there and didn’t see himself moving out any time soon. What he did see was that Gabriel wasn’t interested in him, not in the way Brody wanted him to be. The realisation dejected him but he would try not to show how he felt. After today, he’d most likely revert to going out of his way to avoid the man again, this time for his own sanity. Maybe he’d get over his crush on Gabriel. Hopefully.

“What’s it like having siblings?” Brody wondered aloud. He had spent most of his childhood and early teen years by himself. Mostly. And it had been purely his choice. His closest friend perhaps was Annabeth and that was only because she refused to quit bothering him. Over time, Brody had gotten used to her constant leech-like presence, and had eventually come to terms with the fact that he enjoyed her company.

“Level seven,’’ Brody confirmed with a nod. “Well, I hope you meet him someday. Uncle’s a very decent and cool guy. Even if he’s old.” Brody cracked a small smile. Lucas was only 41 years old at the time. He considered Gabriel’s question as he rested an elbow on the table and absently tapped at his temple with his index finger of the same hand. “It is… I guess that’s because I’ve always had a good relationship with my aunt and uncle? I suppose it doesn’t matter about the size of one’s family though, as long as you get along well with everyone.’’ Gabriel’s question had made him think about families in general now, something he’d not taken into consideration before. “I mean, I know there’ll be fights and so on but I think the important thing is making up with each other again.” He shrugged. “Dunno if I’m making sense.”

Gabriel shrugged. How to describe having siblings? "It's like...built-in friends, I guess," he said after a brief pause. "We're all--there's four of us--very different, but we're pretty...tolerant...of each other. Like, my oldest brother, he..." he paused to make eye contact with Brody, because this was important stuff, "He's a squib, so he's had to teach all the rest of us all the Muggle technology stuff." Which, in some cases, was pretty handy. E-mail was much faster than owling. Airplanes were faster than brooms. That sort of thing. "And then Isabella, she's a genius, but she's not obnoxious about it, and she gives good relationship advice." Which was weird. He didn't think Belly had ever actually been in a relationship. She just liked to talk about his.

And then his twin. How could he describe Rafa to Brody? "Rafa and I are really different, too, but we're usually in sync about the important things," he said with a nod. "It's weird living on a different continent than him."

He tilted his head when Brody continued talking about his own family. Even if his uncle was old, it was interesting to hear about a smaller family. It seemed...mostly the same, honestly. "I'd love to meet your family someday," he agreed with a small smile. "You make sense, don't worry."
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