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Chloe hadn't been sure what to expect from switching departments to working with event concealment. Although the first task her team seemed to be working on had nothing to do with concealment charms and more transfiguration? "Morning Mr Youngbird" she greeted of her new department head. She hadnt been certain of formal names versus first names just yet and figured calling someone by a formal name would be preferred until she got a better feel for his personality.

She recognized the other women present as well, Penelope whom had been housemates with Hayley and only a couple years younger than herself. While she hadn't known Penelope terribly well, it would be great to get to know her now. And Jessica, who wasn't in accidents and catastrophes, but she'd been in a competition a few years back with. She gave both women a small smile in greeting and turned to see another family face there as well. "Morning Professor," what? He was always going to be her astronomy professor and house head. Always

She turned back to the tapestry, studying it's movement, "wow. Something isn't happy here." she chuckled, trying to make light of the terrible situation. "But whatever was in those potions seems to maybe have an effect. Though I think we're gonna need a whole lot more or maybe a stronger dosing"

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