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Turning her attention from the sapling she looked at Aurora and nodded with a snile. [B]"Yea ma'am I love magical trees and plants as well, I know all about plants trees and creatures." Looking back at the sapling she smiled happily at the tree. "You'll be a big pretty thing in no time, don't worry we'll take good care of you." Looking at her boss she smiled happily at him. "Oh yes sir, I love trees like this, think it's so fascinating how trees like this even exist." Looking at him she tilted her head. "How much do you think in a week time frame or even a month sir?" She asked cause she was curious to find out.

Seeing her boyfriend Oceanus come and join the small gathering they were having she smiled at him happy to see he was able to come. Hearing what he said, she giggled softly and blushed a bit. "Probably for a while, but this tree is one of a kind Ocean and to see this is amazing!" Yeah... yeah, she was a dork when it came to plants and creatures and she knew that, but she didn't care.
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