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Adam Gerulf
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Needing a break from Level 5, Conley decided to come down to level 4 for a cup of tea, and maybe to see if his kitty-cat friend was still around. He still hadn't been able to convince Sachin to let him bring the cat home, but maybe if the cat was still there, he could set a deadline convince his husband to let him bring him home. Sachin, after all, had a soft spot when it came to adopting. Besides, cats were pretty independent right? Surely it wouldn't need all that much looking after. And Duke could certainly use a respite from Radhika constantly chasing him around. It seemed their daughter had learned to walk and two days later she was running and wouldn't sit still.
And speaking of running, Sachin had also recently taken to forcing convincing Conley to join him on his daily runs. Apparently he was getting 'doughy,' despite his weekly swims and all the stairs he took around the Ministry. As a result, Conley was moving a little stiffly and slower then usual. Men in their later years should not be forced to run.

There was a 'merrrow' near his feet the moment he walked into the cafe. It seemed his furry friend was still here. He wasn't sure if he should be relieved or disappointed. "Hello Mister," he said to the cat as he gathered up a cup of tea. The cat wound around his ankles and then trotted along ahead of him as if showing him the way to a table where he fully expected access to the human's lap. Along the way he passed a fellow department head. "Afternoon Forrest," Conley greeted warmly. It was only after he greeted the man that he realized perhaps his vacant look was one of deep thought. Oh dear, had he interrupted some deep thinking?
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