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Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
She was laughing, that was always a good sign that she wasn’t taking his awkwardness as just weird. Theodore set his weight down and decided to go to the treadmill again, to make conversing a little easier. Those machines could get loud. Hopefully Peggy wouldn’t mind, he was aware that sometimes working out alone was the best way to do it.

It’s a well equipped room, not to worry.” He knew his stuff as he used to hit the gym on a regular. Theodore checked his watch, “I’m just spending my break here, not enough time in the day to break too much if a sweat,” and since he didn’t really know many people in the department so far, he was a little reluctant to socialise during these moments. He hoped his boss didn’t think he was slacking off, of course.

How’s things?” Work wise, personal wise? Theodore wasn’t sure what to talk to his boss about.
Peggy raised one of her two eyebrows as Theodore joined her one one of the treadmills. She felt bad when the man checked his watch and indicated he was on his break. But...he had moved over to the treadmill, after seeing her hop on one. So probably that meant he didn't think she was imposing.


Regardless, she definitely didn't think he was slacking off. She was here, too, you know. Exercise meant for happy and healthy employees. Which was obviously what she wanted.

"'Things'?" She shot him an uncertain look. What a vague question. Still, he was on his break, she was on her break, which meant no work talk! "Things are good," she said. "My son will be graduating from university soon," she added proudly. She paused, then added. "Do you have children?"
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