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Rafa lurked. He lurked by the nearest wall as though hoping to blend into the structure. He thought that Missa’s reply would make his mother ask even more questions… because that's how his mother was. “Is training as rigorous as they make it sound?” ‘They’ being the talk he’s heard via the grapevine.

As for Gabe? He would be WRONG for thinking that no one cared about him being a part of the YATI. Heck, Rafa thought it was super cool! And Gabe wasn’t even the cool twin… “Yeah, Ma,’’ the cooler twin agreed, trying to help the other two out. “They’re making a huge difference to the world.” There. He’d added his thoughts, seeing as how desperate Gabe seemed to be about wanting to get off this topic or at least, change the direction of it.

Hold up, hold up, hold up.

Why was mother dearest attacking him now? “Oh, ma.’’ Rafa sighed dramatically. “You know that I plan on taking up another programme. I’m not planning to be a university drop out.’’ Like a particular twin brother. Ahem. “I’ll be graduating before you know it. You’re going to be very proud of me.”
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