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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
That's just the way things were when two people were together as long as they were. Well okay, so many couples were together much much longer than them and they were still very young but they were doing great. At least in his eyes they were. He saw no problems in the way things were. Seeing her smile at him, brought a smile to his face as well. They would be just fine. It was a new year and there was lots of great things to look forward to.

Ocean chuckled lightly. "I'm good with getting a bit of everything." That made everything easier in his eyes. No choosing one thing of another. As long as he kept the girlfriend from having anything dairy. Got it. He could do that. "Yeah, I see a couple of familiar faces that I'll stop and have a chat with after we have a bite to eat." Nothing wrong with fixing themselves a plate of food first.

Standing there in line to get their pancakes, Ocean heard the Ministry start to speak. He turned to give the man his attention not wanting to appear rude, he wasn't a rude man at all. That's when things got strange, the fountain began bubbling and just.. nope. Right away it gave him an uncomfortable feeling. Oceanus slid his arm around Stella pulling her gently against his side as the other ministry workers did their job in checking the fountain for any evidence on what was going on.

Okay... so they weren't together as most people are that they knew, but enough to know each other like the back of their hands in her eyes. They were doing very great indeed, she was happy with the way her life was going it was perfect. With him by her side she could face anything, as long as he was there holding her hand and supporting her she was good. This was a great start for the new year, food and friends and no Neo Alliance controlling the ministry.

Giggling she kissed his cheek. "Okay then a bit of everything it is, it all looks so good!" She couldn't decide what to have, so a bit of everything was perfect to crave her want of everything. Nodding her head she smiled. "Same here, I see my boss and a few of my co workers and friends." She wanted to eat first, surely they'll understand that a pregnant woman had to eat right? She wondered if she still had her job being pregnant and all, she was going to have to talk to everyone when she seen them.

Standing besdide Ocean, she turned to face the direction in which the minister was speaking. Seeing the fountain bubbling and the water turning red, she let out a small scream at the sight of all this. Shaking a the sight of everything, she whispered to him. " I don't think the Neo Alliance is quite over trying to take over the ministry, as the saying goes we might've won the battle but not the war."
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