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Default Come one come all to see the magnificent, amazing gravity resistant tree! *cheers!*

Despite having worked at the Ministry many, many moons ago, coming back to his old stomping ground had left the older gentleman with something of odd taste in his mouth. Everything was the same and yet different. Something that shouldn’t have really surprised him and yet, every twist and turn that he took yielded surprising results that left him feeling somewhat dumbfounded.

All in all, he was generally pleased to come back even if his role did have more responsibilities, like today for instance. Today was all about ushering in the new. Him. The new. And with this in mind, he’d wanted to start on a bright note. New beginnings, new life, things growing and all that jazz. There was a metaphor there for sure and he was somewhat sure that it wouldn’t be lost on his co-worker’s.

With all of this in mind, an idea had taken hold in his head and began to grow over the winter break as he tended his plants at home. Something that Forrest had always dreamed of was making a difference. Growing up, he’d wanted to grow plants that would save the world. As he got older, it was having children with his wife and settling down with their own garden that they could tend to together as a family. Now at the ripe age of 64, he was somewhat obsessed with leaving some form of legacy behind and by planting something for all to see, it would be his own personal little bit of history. Something his grandkids could look back on and say Uncle Forrest planted that.

This had led to brief and fruitful discussions with his fellow head of department whom he’d shared the floor with and had resulted in today’s little get together. The planting of a gravity-resistant tree in the greenhouse!

Feeling somewhat out of place in his brown suit jacket and denim jeans instead of his gardening clothes and gardener’s apron, Forrest stood in the middle of the green house next Aurora however his eyes were not on her. He only had eyes for one thing. He did however have a few words for his fellow head of department as they waited for the rest of the employees to turn up. “MaaAAAAAAGnificent, isn’t it?! And just think, in a few weeks, it’ll be so much bigger. You wait”.

With small roots sporadically sprouting out of a thin stem and two leaves arching away from the stem, there wasn’t anything particularly impressive about this sapling apart from the fact it was floating and growing in mid-air with no earth supporting it!

In other words, gather around everyone and express your excitement at the new addition to the greenhouse.
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