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There was some quiet music playing near the back of the shop where Ethan was known to repair a broken item or even package orders that needed sent out. He had been cha-cha-ing around the floor humming along being that guy who danced around the shop. He'd loved every second of being here so far. The customers had been great, they hadn't balked at his slightly weird habits. Who knew dancing around a shop was frowned upon by customers.

His hips swaying and arms moving to the music he nearly missed the young woman walking through the front door. Turning a 180 while snapping his fingers and swaying his hips he got around to actually look at the woman. Oh what did she need in here? "Hey, hey, welcome to Wiseacre's!" The movement to the music did not stop just because someone walked in. He loved dancing, and music, and just living honestly.
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