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Originally Posted by Zoe View Post
Tally couldn't help but let out a loud chuckle when her friend explained his daughter's actions. She knew that children at that age couldn't help but grab whatever they could get their precious hands on, though the idea of it being Radhika's way of telling the man to not work was amusing. "What a precious little bean," she responded fondly. "She clearly just wanted quality time with her daddy."

Her brown eyes did not waver from Conley's sleeve as the man tugged it down. She of course knew how he felt about them, but the momma bear healer in her did wish he would have at least let her look at his arm more closely. There were no doubts that the wounds were healing, but another pair of eyes on it never hurt. For the moment she quietly nodded and was willing to let the urge to examine the damage go for now. If he scratched at the bandages again though, she was going to take a look whether he wanted her to or not.

"Yes, I was at Hogwarts. It was, at the time, where the most help was needed with people being injured left and right. Then they needed help transporting everyone to St. Mungo's too. Needless to say, it had been a long night." Just thinking about it all was tiring (or maybe everything that had happened today was finally catching up to her), but it was something that needed to be discussed for a variety of reasons no matter how difficult it was. "You were at the Ministry, yes? I heard through the grapevine what happened --" she was about to mention his injury, but quickly decided against it "-- whilst everything else was going on."

The mention of ordering was welcomed. "I'll have some fish and chips. And maybe come back with something stronger than tea as well?" After all, the work day was over and she did have something to celebrate.

”Yes, I stayed behind.” He wasn’t a fighter and someone had needed to hold down the fort. ”Frankly, I’m afraid what might have happened if I hadn’t been there. Goldwasser…” His mind traveled back to how he had found Sachin in the Ministry that day when he wasn’t supposed to be there. ”He’s very powerful. The fire he started. I’ve never seen anything like it.” His hand rubbed his bandage forearm as he thought about the painful after affects of the fire. ”Sachin was there too. I was so worried he’d…” He trailed off knowing Tally would understand what he was implying. It was making him a little emotional. It was hard not to get emotional when you thought about loosing the person you loved. Especially when one was intimately familiar with that experience. In fact, they both were.

He cleared his throat. ”Moral of the story. Goldwasser is still out there, so please. If you see him, don’t engage. Send for an auror and let them handle it.” He gave her a tight-lipped smile then wrapped his knuckles on the table. ”Fish and chips and a pint. On it.” He got up from the table and came back a bit later, floating a plate of fish and chips and a large salad, along with two pints of cider. He levitate them onto the table and then retook his seat. ”So,” he said reaching for his pint. ”I believe you have news?” The short trip away from the table had done wonders for Conley’s disposition.
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