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All the bread in classes these days was honestly the best thing ever and Apollo would challenge anyone who thought differently. Like HELLO, HUNGRY ALMOST!TEENAGER and GROWING BOY. Although he wasn't sure how much bread did for helping him grow, but at least he never had to worry about being hungry between meals anymore.

He'd been quietly nomming his way through another slice of bread when the avalanche happened, in which the second year rocked back in his chair in alarm. He was fine though. They were fine. It was just apparently Schmoe being ... Schmoe? And quite disorganized from the look of things in his cabinet? Although he supposed it was to be expected - his mother was always going off about him and his messy room. But Schmoe was a grown person so shouldn't he have developed some sense of organization by now? He was picking up random items, half looking for the markers, but not really.... mostly just munching away on the bread.

Oh, naming muggle gizmos and gadgets! Apollo frowned at the male James whom he didn't really know too well being in a different house. Wasn't Ravenclaws supposed to be smart though?? Cause muggle dueling? He was pretty sure that was a scalp massager! Oh, as the Slytherin girl corrected. Good for her. Lots of sharp objects though... but that rolly thing was a pizza cutter!! Cause what twelve year old boy DIDN'T know what a pizza cutter was, wizard or muggle, honestly. You'd have to live in a box if you didn't know that.

Moving on though to inconveniences on their lives that wizards could fix with a simple spell. Injuries and broken bones? Staying awake to study for exams or write a paper, muggles typically had a hard time doing that without overdosing on caffeine, but wizards could just take a pepperup potion. Which, now that Apollo thought about, wasn't really a good example since that was a magical version to caffeine. Oh, the spilling something on one's shirt was a good one though. Or finding lost objects. Or even reaching objects that were outside one's height limitations.

That was the limitation he was going to go with ... given that he hadn't exactly reached his growth spurt yet and hated the fact that Margaret (among others) were taller than him.

SPOILER!!: Apollo's Notes

Issue: Objects are located outside of the height limitations of the individual.
Proposal: Special shoes that allow the vertically challenged individual to jump up safely to reach the item they desire. The shoes would be comfortable to walk in, but act as mini trampolines when needed.

He worked carefully on his poster in hopes to make something eye-catching while simultaneously listening and glancing up at his peers. Once it was his time to go, he carried his posted up to the front of the room

"Ever go walking through a store and realize you need something at the very top shelf but it's totally unsafe to start climbing the shelves and risk falling down or pulling the shelving unit down. So that's where my invention comes into play. Introducing Jumpy Shoes. You wear them like normal shoes and they come in all different styles, but the BEST part about them?? When you need to reach that item that's way out of your height range, you just jump and it engages the trampoline mode so the more you jump, the higher you can go to get what you need safely. No ladders required!!"

Cool, right? Hopefully.
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