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A Poop * k8 *

No, not a great place at all. Scottie could agree with that for sure. But his hands were on his hips as Regina caught up to him, and he found himself huffing. "He's SUCH a punk. Really. I think he knows he's causing mayhem for me. YOU'RE JUST LIKE YOUR OTHER PAPA!" he rattled his fist at Nando, thinking of his STUPID and ANNOYING twin. Logan. Pffft.

Tea PEAS in an annoying POD.

At the sound of the catnip, though, Nando showed some interest. His little face peered down at Regina, zoning in on what she was holding, before he hopped down as gracefully as most cats. His tail continued to swish as he rubbed against Regina, mroooowing quite loudly now. His nose crinkled a little, but other than that, he just wanted that NIP -

"AHA!" Scottie had SCOOOOPED the orange kneazle in his arms and groooowled playfully. "GOTCHA, YA RAT!" he smirked as Nando meOWED and soon, Nando was harnassed and LEASHED.

hiss.__________________________________________________ _BOOM.

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