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Text Cut: Mordrake
Originally Posted by natethegreat View Post
After retrieving the stop watch needed in order to time his dragons, Kayne made his way back to his seat. Two of the dragons, Snowden and Brick, were just laying around, being pretty lazy compared to how they were acting previously; while Leif was walking around on it's tiny little feet. Clearly, Leif seemed to be the more energetic of the three apparently.

Upon hearing the Professor's answer to his question, at first Kayne was kinda sad. Until he had remarked that he would make a habitat for the dragons, which reinvigorated him. It wasn't something that the boy had hoped for, but at least it was some form of compromise. Kayne knew the Professor could have simply just said no, but he was grateful for this. Something was better than nothing. And at least the Slytherin could then visit his new children (yes, the dragons are now his children), whenever down here. Kayne then said "Thanks Professor!"

Eyes now staring down at the three dragons, the boy told them "Alright little ones, time to get this party started. Leif, you're gonna go up first." A hand reached down towards Brick and Snowden, and quickly, the two hopped on. He then put them on either shoulder for them to perch there and watch as Leif would run the maze. After those two were settled, Kayne then picked up Leif, and brought him over to the entrance. Carefully, the boy set the green dragon down at the entrance. Starry eyed, Kayne told it "Alright Leify, your time, starts..." Dramatic pause for effect. "Now!" With this, he clicked the stopwatch to start the dragon's time.

Leif looked kinda confused while the big man that was talking to him picked him up and set him down in that giant thing with tons of walls. Not knowing what to do really, it just sort of started to wander through the labyrinth. Making all sorts of twists and turns, lefts and rights, it had seemed to come across a dead end after a few brief seconds. Tilting it's head, the dragon screeched a bit. As it screeched, small sparks flew out of it's mouth to attempt to burn it down, but obviously that didn't work. So, instead, it took flight, landing on top of the wall which was blocking it's way.

Leif was a clever little dragon to fly above the wall, but it may soon find its efforts futile. The moment it lands, a mini earthquake hits the wall, causing it to rattle violently enough to knock the little dragon off balance. What will you do now, Leif? It's a rather long way down!

Text Cut: Blackthorne
Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Violet watched impatiently as the leaf dragon wasted time preening. Suddenly it was caught by a gust of wind that caught it off guard and nearly blew it into one of the sides of the maze. The dragon looked startled for a minute as it tried to resist the wind, which was stronger than its light weight.

Suddenly, the leaf dragon shifted its wings, bringing them closer to its body and slanted backward slightly. The wings acted as a sort of sail or kite and the dragon began to soar gently a little above the ground, making good speed now through the maze.

Violet was pleased with the dragon's ingenuity--she had thought it a bit of an airhead, but when push came to shove, the leaf-dragon was quick on its feet. She looked down at her stopwatch, ready to clock the dragon's finish. She thought she would try her ice-dragon next, as it seemed slightly (but only very slightly) more cooperative than the stone-dragon.

So the little leaf dragon made it through the wind. Great job! But don't get too comfortable. As the dragon nears the finish line, the path ahead darkens as clouds descend, and a crackle of lightning touches down. How will you navigate the lightning storm?

Text Cut: Blaze
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
No takers? The one minute wasn’t even up but Claudine was too excited to even care or wait. She coaxed the bby to the start of the maze. However, he seemed to want to cling to her all the time. At least, he held onto her arms and it was all so cute! It reminded her of a certain Ravenclaw whom she adored.


Eventually, with more coaxing and some loving words, the Snakette eventually got him to let go of her and turn his attention to the maze. She was pleased to to see him eventually take a few steps in.

As the little dragon steps farther into the maze, the way forward narrows, almost as if the walls are closing in on the poor thing. No, wait, they are closing in! The path ahead becomes smaller and smaller until the dragon can no longer fit through. How will you proceed now?

OOC: You still have ABOUT 12 HOURS for this activity.
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