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Evan had been here, but he'd been quiet the majority of class. Not something he usually did for Muggle Studies, as the subject and the Professor was his current favorite (well, one of two favorites anyways) but the smell of that lovely bread had him feeling so ~ p e a c e f u l ~ lately he hardly had that annoying urge to constantly try to prove himself in classes. Actually, he'd really rather curl up in the window seat in Ravenclaw tower and get some reading in. Some fiction even.

He'd cleaned up with the rest of them, never quite finding markers and at one point picking up a pizza cutter which he wrinkled his nose at and had shot a look in his head of houses direction. Muggle inventions were great, but a sharp pizza cutter in a massive amount of clutter?! Could one even imagine if that had sliced the Professor or someone else when it had fallen?! He wrapped it with a piece of parchment from his bag before putting it back.

Muggle inconveniences? Evan could think of a LOT. There was stains on t-shirts. tide only did so much, having to fetch water instead of summoning it, faster healing times, the list went on and on.

But one he did settle on, was actually while he looked at the pizza cutter he'd placed back in it's place. The biggest inconvenience was it was near IMPOSSIBLE to throw away sharp objects because of the concerns of injury that could result from someone reaching into trash and pricking themselves. Quite unsanitary, really. Maybe... there was something that could fix that? He did not provide a vocal answer to the question, and if he was entirely honest he didn't hear many other responses, but he did have an idea now for their next part of the project.

Standing, Evan went to the front to collect some materials for a poster, bringing it back and making a couple of quick notes so he could start designing.

-- Cover for sharp objects like knives, scissors, pizza and rotary cutters, etc.
-- Reinforced with something soft (bubble wrap?) for maximum protection
-- Recyclable? Decomposable?
It was a good start. Now he just needed to make the poster presentable and.. iron out the actual details on if he wanted to include everything or if he wanted to settle for now for a cover to just protect.

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