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Oooooooooh… projects like this were always tricky. Really having to use your imagination. The Gryffindor pulled open her notebook to sketch down some ideas, mostly starting with a brainstorm. Things that muggles needed help with… Uhhh, everything? This should be an easy task, but it was proving to be difficult.

Scribble, scribble. After lots of crossings out, Remy settled on her favourite idea Her drawing was atrocious but you got the general idea of what she was trying to portray.

SPOILER!!: “Remy’s notebook”

Portable bookcase
*splodge of ink*

Cotton candy pants
- a cushiony outfit that covers your whole body, protecting you from dangers such as falling from a height
- totally fashionable

*a badly drawn floofy costume, padding whole body*

Perfect. Now to start working on her poster and a witty product name. Remy glanced around to her peers, checking that she was doing this right.
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