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Default Answering questions + Obstacles round 1
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Text Cut: Donovan & Mordrake
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Dahlia was all kinds of patient. Usual. Sometimes. Okay, not really. She tried to be. It was hard when you had lots of energy. She did her best to take down notes. Very incredibly detailed notes when Carton answered her questions. Did the professor know he was a saint? Seriously?! Bright blue eyes shone with delight as she heard all that he had to say but.. wait. What?! Her little itty-bitty tiny wittle dragon could die?! It could starve? So theoretically speaking what he was telling her was that she could keep her dragon if she managed to create one? "Professor, if.. it could starve that means if needs to eat? And it could get sick and injured too just like an actual dragon. So really it IS a real dragon just very tiny?" That is what he was telling her, correct? Cause that's what her young adolescent ears were hearing.

Happy with all the answers she had gotten and her predictions on difficulty she was ready. "drah-KON-i-fors.. drah-KON-i-fors..drah-KON-i-fors" Over and over and over again until it flowed from her lips like a hummed tune. The wand movement was easy, a slashing motion at the target. That she could do without even thinking about it. Now came the hard part. Actually getting herself a dragon.

Think it. See it. Feel it. First she needed to visualize what she wanted. Closing her eyes she pictured it in her head perfectly and then opened her eyes again. She could do this. Pulling her wand from its holster she aimed it at the leaf on her desk and gave a slash like motion. "drah-KON-i-fors!"

Nothing. Not a shudder from the lead not a talon. Nothing. "Drah-KON-i-fors!" Lia tried again, giving another slash of her wand as she pictured the dragon in her head. She poured all her focus into seeing it before her, giving the leaf life. And there it. Well sort of. The leaf shook and quivered, it wanted to change. She could see it. Come on, come on!

"Drah-KON-i-fors!" Third time was a charm! Scarlet. The color was undeniable. Her heart began to race as what was once a small leaf was now a tiny dragon. Correction. A tiny Chinese Fireball. The exact dragon she had come talons to shoulders with only a year ago. Well.. not the EXACT one but the species. Yellow eyes stared into her blue ones as if it knew what she was thinking when even SHE didn't know what she was thinking. It watched her curiously before walking around her desk, climbing up onto the pencil box and laying down on top of it like it was guarding it.

Well alright then. One down. Two to go.
Originally Posted by natethegreat View Post
These dragons were just one of the cutest things that Kayne has ever laid his eyes upon. The way that they almost purred like a cat when he was petting them was just too much for his heart to contain. Overflowed with a very warm and happy energy, he almost found himself too distracted to listen to the Professor, but he quickly snapped back to reality when Professor Carton had said his name followed by the compliment. The welcoming smile still upon his face, Kayne replied "Thanks, Professor! Is there any chance we can keep these little ones as pets?" He couldn't help but ask that question. Even if the answer was no, the Slytherin would still most likely be finding himself casting this spell later on.

Peering back at the three dragons, they had now seemed to be play fighting with each other. Knowing that there was a job to do though, Kayne tapped his fingers very lightly on the desk to get there attention; it wasn't hard enough to startle them in any way, but it was still just enough to let them know that Kayne needed them now. Seeing that he had now six eyes staring up at him, Kayne asked "Ok you three, which one of you will finish first?" The green one had then let out a tiny screech. "You think you'll win Leif Erickson?" Yes, Kayne had named the dragon that was transfigured from the leaf, Leif Erickson. Did he care that it was a bad pun? Absolutely not. Did he laugh at his own joke even though he knew it was terrible? Absolutely.

Now actually thinking about it, Kayne couldn't help but wonder if that was actually true. Come to think of it, Leif was previously the lightest of the three objects. So could that correspond to it possibly having the most aerodynamics of the bunch? This was a very interesting theory that had arisen. With nothing better to use for his prediction, Kayne decided to go with it. So, he jot his predictions down in his notes.

SPOILER!!: Notes
a- 1 pt
v- N/A
c- 1 pt
w and z- unknown

Ice Cube:
a- 2 pts
v- N/A
c- 2 pts
w and z- unknown

a- 3 pts
v- N/A
c- 3 pts
w and z- unknown

Final conclusion:
The leaf is the easiest to be subject to change, whereas the stone is the hardest.

Testing the theory:

First two attempts on the stone failed, possibly meaning that it was indeed the hardest to concentrate on. Then the attempts that followed were all successes, with that little nuance on the last one with the light actually trailing with the motion of the wand. The weight of the objects certainly played a part in the amount of concentration required.

Hypothesis: which dragon will run the maze fastest?

Leif Erickson- probably first
Snowden- probably second
Brick- probably last

With the notes now completed, his attention moved back towards the group, which, surprise surprise, was once again play fighting. "You three better behave while I go get the stopwatch for us." Kayne remarked. After which, he got up from his seat, and went to go grab one of the available stopwatches that the Professor had laid out for them on the front desk.

Norman thought he’d answered all of Miss Donovan’s questions, but then another barrage came his way. He smiled slightly, amused by her curiosity. Nice to see a student so interested in he subject! “Technically no, it isn’t a real dragon,” he replied, “but it’s meant to mimic one as closely as possible. So yes, it can eat, and it can die.”

His blue-green eyes shifted to Mr. Mordrake as he heard the boy’s question, and he shook his head. “I doubt Headmaster Trent would take kindly to miniature dragons in the castle,” he said, “but I’ll create a habitat for the dragons here in the transfiguration corridor. You can visit them whenever you want.” That bit of information probably bore repeating, didn’t it?

Clearing his throat, he addressed the class as a whole, “The dragons and maze will stay in the transfiguration corridor after today for anyone who wants to run the maze or visit the dragons.”

Text Cut: Obstacles #1
Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
"Dra-KON-i-fors, Dra-KON-i-fors..." Violet had practiced the incantation and wand movements a number of times until she felt she had them right, and then began first on the ice cube. That was the one she thought would be easiest, and, she noticed, it was the one the teacher had started with.

Drakonifors! Violet said, moving her wand toward the ice cube. For a moment it seemed like it was going to just sit there melting, but then what seemed to be melting turned into a metamorphasis into a small blue-white dragon with droopy wings. It regarded her coldly as she stared at it. "I love magic!" Violet whispered, as she looked at it.

Next she pulled over the leaf, moving it carefully so as not to tear it. "Draconifors!" she cast again, with more confidence this time. The leaf seemed to fold in on itself in a spiral and emerged as a slender, beautiful green dragon the size of a dragonfly. Observing it was being watched, the dragon preened and began folding and unfolding its wings, as if it were asking to be admired. The white dragon observed it with what seemed to be disdain.

"Okay, one more," Violet muttered, moving the rock directly in front of her. "Draconifors!" Nothing happened. "Draconifors! Draconifors! The rock sat solidly in front of her, refusing to move. 'Stubborn as a rock'--that should be a new saying, she thought. "Dra-KON-ifors!!" [/i][/b] she cast again, louder and more firmly than before, and with just a touch of anger. Finally, finally! the rock seemed to begin to sort of melt into a puddle, moving as slow as a glacier, and then the puddle pulled itself together, with agonizing slowness, into a squat, grey, grumpy looking little dragon with short wings. It looked at her like she was the most detestable creature on earth. Violet might have felt offended, but the grey dragon gave an equally displeased look to each of the other dragons.

Hmm--now for the maze. Violet decided to start with her leaf-dragon, since that seemed the most cooperative, so she got a stopwatch and walked over to the maze and carefully laid the dragon in. "Now, this won't be too hard or dangerous of anything," she said to it. Just...just do your best." Violet started the watch and stepped back, expecting to see her dragon take off.

Which it did--at first. But the leaf-dragon kept getting distracted by admiring its own wings and mincing along like it was at a fashion show, so it really didn't make good time. Well, at least it was moving.
The little leaf dragon should start paying more attention to its surroundings and less to its wings! As it moves along, it will soon find itself caught in a strong gust of wind that threatens to blow it off course. Best think fast, little dragon!
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